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How to create Awesome Autumnal Vibes on your Big Day

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

I don't know about you but Autumn is by far my favourite Season; with lush colours, a cosy feeling making everyone want to snuggle in with the ones they love, the celebration of change what's not to love?

Autumn weddings give you the chance to be relaxed and cosy on your big day!

Here's my top 5 on how to successfully achieving Autumnal vibes on your wedding day:

1.Dried Flowers in your wedding bouquet

Dried flowers are an amazing way to bring Autumn vibes to your day in an elegant and relaxed way. Dried flowers are not only beautiful but can create a mix of textures in a subtle and soft way, they are already preserved which means your bouquet can become a beautiful floral arrangement to treasure after the wedding. You could also go crazy and have matching button holes to tie everything in.

2. Soft muted coloured stationary

Use of soft muted stationary creates earthy Autumnal tones to create a dreamy look to your table and to set the tone to your guests. Think about the shapes you are using as curved shapes create a more natural and modern feeling.

3. Cardigans

This chunky cardigan created an elegant, warm & romantic vibe; constructing against the rural background it felt luxurious. It also helped keep our bride warm against the breeze.

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