A Big Dream & an even Bigger Opportunity

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

I was honoured to be able to become an Assistant behind the scenes photographer for the day.

The wonderful Lorna Newman amazingly gave me the opportunity to assist with a photoshoot which was more than a dream come true!!! I not only got to assist but to also have the opportunity to take my own photographs (the one above being one of them). Spending the day with such talented suppliers (Lettersaglow, Shades of white St Ives, Rosie Tredgett makeup, Charlie Darlow Hair_Bridal, The Elegant Rose Cake Studio, The Flower Room Sandy ltd, Wedding Beautifuls, and of course Lorna) was the best experience ever. The shoot took place at the gorgeous Stockmans Meadow which has such charm & beauty. Run by 3 wonderful sisters, they have given this historic and picturesque venue the chance to make someone's day extra special from the beautiful rustic barns, to the canal boat and the gorgeous Willow backdrops. The shoot is a day I will remember with such happiness as it truly was amazing! I hope you like this picture as much as I do, especially when it symbolises so many wonderful people coming together to help inspire others to celebrate & make amazing memories somewhere truly beautiful.

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